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A Year in Review: 3 Lessons learned my first year as a professional mobile DJ.

Updated: Jan 31

Dear Reader,

As we enter into a new year I thought it’s be nice to share with you my experience as a professional Wedding and Event DJ. Although I’ve been mixing music for more than a decade, this year was filled with many new experiences. Here’s what I’ve learned so far and what will be relevant for you and your event.

The first thing I learned about private events is that nothing ever goes 100% according to plan. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, or annual party, the timeline always shifts and some random wrench will be thrown into the evening. I’ve learned to be quick on my feet to recover. Twice this year there was a blown circuit. Luckily I had backup wireless speakers until the issue was resolved. One of my clients had the A/C go during her reception when the temperature outside was 108 degrees! All I could do was keep the party going and work to keep the vibe upbeat. I’ve seen family mishaps, miscommunication, and even a few arguments, but in the end I’ve learned that the best thing I can do to keep the party going smoothly is to smile, keep the music going, and communicate with the host to keep things as on track and perfect as possible.

The second thing I learned in year one is that request can be fun, but I’m not a jukebox. One of the reasons my clients hire me is to play music, but if that was the only thing I’d be doing they may as well just rent speakers and use their iPod. My job beyond that is to take control, manage the timeline, mix smoothly, and keep define the mood of the event. I always accept a preferred music style and some request ahead of time, but in my most recent gig it seemed that everyone wanted to hear their song. The problem was these songs just didn’t flow or incorporate other people at the party. I had to take control and do best, so I played a few remixes of classic jams with a dance style beat. As is turns out this is when everyone went wild. Ultimately the only thing I can control is the music itself and when I do, the party bumps.

The third lesson was that it’s not about me, but it is. Although the event is not about me, the entertainment is. We’re all gathered to celebrate something, be it a wedding, birthday, or annual party we are all there for a good time. It’s my job to cater to that. It’s also my job to be the entertainment. That’s why I was hired. I’m not there to be background music. I mean I am for dinner, and cocktails, but after that I’m there to show YOU and YOUR guests a good time. People don’t pay to get into a club, or to go to a concert to sit and chat, they want to have fun. I need to be a part of the party, but keep a healthy distance and remain the entertainer. It takes balance it it’s harder than I thought, but it’s really fun.

All in all my first year as a mobile DJ was a blast! I’ve found myself so busy at times I’ve needed to turn away business. I hope that each of my clients enjoyed working with me and would recommend me to others. I’d love any personal feedback and to see how they are doing now. Here’s to a fun and productive 2018, may you and your loved one’s a prosperous and healthy New Year!

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