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It's All About Details: Tips for a great Halloween party

Updated: Jan 31

'Tis the season of fun and games. From Halloween to New Year’s we celebrate with family and friends. Many of my clients refer to me for a few ideas regarding entertainment and event timelines. With Halloween right around the corner here are a few ideas that could help you get the party started!

Seasonal Music

Of course music is going to be a part of the party. You can play a random playlist on your home speaker, but as usual I always suggest a DJ. The reason for this is that your event will have ebbs and flows just like any other. Your DJ probably has a ton of music to play for the season and will certainly adapt to make it even more fun. More importantly they will be able to direct your party to the next event and make sure everyone including the host gets involved in the festivities. It’s your party after all so try to enjoy it.

Party Games

There are a few games that are easy and affordable that stand the test of time. They always get people involved and it there are prizes it makes things more interesting. Here are a few of my favorites:

Apple Bobbing: A bucket or two filled with water. Folks use their mouths to collect the apples which each have random denominations of currency from Dimes to Dollar coins. Just make sure to clean the coins before using them.

Donut on a string: Just get some Entenmann's donuts and hang them from a dowel or curtain rod with yarn. This can be tournament style or a series of contests with prizes for the winner.

Halloween Film Festival: You’re all in costume already why not make things interesting. Organize a few small groups of actors with one director. Each team can reenact their favorite Halloween themed film. With today’s tech a cell phone is all that is needed.

Halloween Trivia: This speaks for itself, but listing questions about Halloween and making a completion out of it can be a total riot.

Costume Contest: A costume contest may seem obvious, but I’ve been to a number of parties that did not have one. This helps push people to really try on their costume. Let’s face it, that’s what Halloween is really about. If nothing else this last option should be a must.

Other Events:

Sometimes people are not competitive and that’s okay. You’ll just need some other activities. Here are a few suggestions:

Pumpkin Decorating: This can be real fun for kids and adults. Just know carving takes too long and paint often does not stick well. I suggest buying multi-color sharpies. If you have young kids you may want to try Elmer’s glue with items like sequins, pipe cleaners, or even candy.

Photo Booth: This can be very fun during Halloween. You could create cauldrons, bottles with strange substances, or even a huge spider in a web. Get creative!

What’s in the box? Offer a few boxes with interesting ingredients for people to feel and guess what they are. You could have this as a display or make it into a contest. It’s up to you. Some ideas include brains (jelly with marshmallows) Worms (gummies in pudding or cookie crumbles) or maybe a bloody hand (plastic hand with colored dye) just make sure you have gloves on hand.

The big take away from this is to have fun. Let your inner child out. If you find yourself having a bad time you’re doing it wrong. This year, hang loose and have the time of your life!This is your blog post. Great looking images make your blog posts more visually compelling for your audience, so choose media that really wows. Adding fun and compelling videos is another great way to engage your audience and keep them coming back for more. Want to spice up your post with a gallery? It’s never been easier to customize your content and captivate your readers.


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